WeButex joins the LERG Group

LERG S.A. (LERG) has acquired a total of 76 per cent of WeButex Kunststoffbearbeitung GmbH (WeButex), one of the best-known processors of thermoset laminates. The German company will become a part of the chemical-industry LERG Group. Joining forces will enhance the opportunity for further dynamic growth of the companies and their position in national and international markets.

WeButex, founded in 2008, is a thriving company. It currently employs more than 120 people. The head office is located in Roding, Germany, about 170 km from Munich. The company, which originated as a start-up fifteen years ago, has proven itself as an international leader in the processing of thermoset laminates. The purchase of WeButex, will be accompanied by an expansion of its Roding location, the acquisition of 20.000 sq. m of adjacent industrial land and an expansion of its production capacity for advanced laminate processing. WeButex sells its products in both Europe and Asia.

Behind the success of WeButex is an experienced board of directors, unchanged since the company’s foundation. Wolfgang Wese and Matthias Butz will remain at WeButex after the transaction as board members and as minority shareholders.

LERG is one of the most prominent resin manufacturers in Poland. The company’s activities include the development and manufacture of high-quality phenolic and epoxy resins for the production of chemical products and technical laminates. Additionally, we welcomed IZO-ERG – one of the most prestigious technical laminates companies in Europe, a long-standing partner of WeButex and its largest supplier of thermoset products – into the ranks of the LERG Group in 2020.

In addition to its manufacturing and export sales activities, LERG has its own research and development facilities and collaborates with a number of research centres. The company is characterised by a high growth rate, which in recent years has resulted in the creation of a strong, diversified chemical group with a global reach.

Marian Kwiecień, LERG’s CEO and majority shareholder, commented on the transaction: “The purchase of WeButex is another LERG acquisition in recent years and is a part of LERG’s long-term strategy to integrate the resin business within the Group. By acquiring WeButex, we are not only expanding our portfolio, including the selection and processing of laminates, we are also combining our business goals, vision and values, expanding our team of associates, gathering experience and know-how. The synergies resulting from the merger with the Group’s existing activities will undoubtedly add value for our current and future customers in Poland and worldwide.”

The Lerg Group currently consists of the following companies: Lerg SAMarpol sp. z o.o.GTX Hanex Plastic Sp. z o.o. , Permedia sp. z o.o., ZTS IZO-ERG sp. z o.o.Sarzyna Chemical sp. z o.o. , Lerg-Pet Sp. z o.o. oraz WeButex

The transaction was partly financed by an acquisition loan provided to LERG by Pekao S.A. LERG was advised by a team of advisors – Pekao Investment Banking as a transaction advisor and SSW Pragmatic Solutions as legal advisors. LERG was also advised on German law by the law firm GÖRG (Cologne).

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