Offer for companies

Our offer involves carrying out the following laboratory tests on our high performance testing equipment:
  • Acetaldehyde concentration in PET matrix (granulate, regranulate, preform, bottle) – own method based on ASTFM f2013-10
  • Mechanical properties of plastic foil on static tension, according to PN-EN ISO 527
  • Static and dynamic friction coefficients according to PN-EN ISO 8295
  • Laminated foil bond strength according to PN 88 C-89099
  • Axial strength of bottles (“top load”) – own method
  • Other tests of mechanical and strength properties of containers – as agreed
  • Intrinsic viscosity, PET melt flow indices – according to PN-EN ISO 1133
  • Thermal properties of plastics (glass transition, hot and cold crystallization, melt flow temperatures, crystallinity degree) – own method based on PN-EN ISO 11357
  • Microscopic observation of plastic containers and products (magnification of 50x, 100x, 200x, and 500x) – own method
  • Color in CIElab and other color sparces, VIS spectrum in 360-780 nm wave length range, haze coefficient of containers and some raw materials – own method, apparatus compliant with ASTM D-1003-00
  • Assessment of dimensions, wall thickness, and container weight – own method
  • Surface humidity of plastic raw materials and products – own method (moisture analyzer)
  • Container containment test in the vacuum chamber (minimum pressure: 250 mbar) – as agreed
  • Plastic foil dimensional stability according to DIN 53377

Due to the nature of our operations, our laboratory does not hold an accreditation certificate. For detailed information, please contact our Quality Assurance or R&D Department.