We have a specialised laboratory characterised by extensive and modern equipment, which enables a wide range of measurements and tests to be carried out on packaging and plastics:
  • A gas chromatograph with a headspace sampler and a flame ionization detector, GC-FID Perkin Elmer – enable the determination of acetaldehyde and volatile substances concentration in a PET matrix.
  • Zwick/Roell universal force testing machine – ensures that a broad range of mechanical and strength properties measurements can be carried out for various types of containers and foil.
  • Dynisco melt flow indexer – allows the examination of rhologic properties of melted PET material and of other polymers
  • DSC Netzsch differential scanning calorimeter – allows a broad range of thermal properties and crystalinity degree of plastics to be determined
  • Nikon optical polarizing microscope with Leica microtome and a digital camera – enables the observation of packaging structure and polymer microstructure
  • Hunter Lap spectrophotometer – allows for the examination of the optical properties of plastic products
  • Elektrophysik magnetic thickness gauge – enables the measurement of container wall thickness
  • Radwag moisture analyzer – determines the humidity of raw materials and plastic products
  • Memmert and Salvislab driers with vacuum pump – sample preparation, containment tests
  • Coesfeld bulk density tester – bulk density of raw materials (granulates, regranulates, flakes, millings)
  • Labeohm resistivity meter – surface resistivity of foil
  • Basic measurement and control equipment: assessment of dimensions and basic quality characteristics of containers