Company profile

A leader in the field

We are a leader on the Polish market in the production of thermoforming films, preforms and PET bottles. We obtain consistently high quality by using the latest technology. This is the standard for our products.

We systematically invest in research and development, constantly seeking new and better solutions. This results in modern plastic products. Implementing the most ecological methods of production and waste product recycling is of utmost importance to us. We were the first in Poland to launch our own packaging recycling line. We make comprehensive use of PET waste products, processing them into marketable products.

Our own management style

In 2015 we introduced the Hanex Management Way (HMW), based on the best solutions for internal operations, which are continuously improved and optimised. The implementation of the HMW programme translates into an increase in employee commitment to complete tasks, using HMW tools such as PSG (Problem Solving Group), PDCA (Deming Plan), SMED, Kanban and Kaizen.

The highest quality

Our key to successful sales is no longer just the brand, but also modern and aesthetic packaging. Many products on the market are Hanex products. We collaborate with the world’s best known brands in the food, drinks, cosmetics, chemical and medical industries, and also with the largest companies in these fields in Poland.

The high quality of our products is confirmed by the reputable certificates received by Hanex, including those issued by TUV NORD CERT, guaranteeing the safety of our products for use in every industry, including medicine and food.

Experience and individual solutions

Twenty years of experience, solutions dedicated to a specific customer, optimisation of production processes and on time deliveries all mean that Hanex now has an established position as leader on the plastic packaging market.

Our target market include producers of water, soft drinks, juice, milk and dairy products, processors of fruit and vegetables, producers of cosmetics and household chemicals, wine, beer and vodka producers, processors of meat and fish, manufacturers of technical materials, batteries, audio and video equipment, cosmetic utensils, producers of PET containers, packaging strips etc.