Business built on mutual trust

From the very start of our business, we have made use of advice from many companies and institutions. We work on the assumption that technological progress and the introduction of innovative solutions are only possible thanks to collaboration with the right partners.

Our collaborators include suppliers of technology in the field of design, conducting series of tests, prototyping and validating them; with producers of additives and raw materials in the field of colourants, barrier additives, improving mechanical or processing properties. For many years we have also enjoyed partnerships with leading domestic and international scientific and research institutions (including the Silesian University of Technology and Warsaw’s COBRO Packaging Research Institute). We systematically consult specialised companies with regard to materials (particularly films and PET), as well as shapes, and visual or technological solutions for whole packages (e.g. bottles and screwcaps, resealable strips).

We also attach great importance to feedback about our products, obtained from customers and users. This enables a realistic assessment of the features of a particular product, and modifications where necessary.