Special task force

GTX Hanex Plastic attaches great importance to pleasing and satisfying customers, and thus to the appropriate quality and reliability of its products, which is why there is a Quality Assurance Department at the company. Its responsibility is to maintain full control of raw materials and full traceability of products. The department employs experienced staff who are constantly improving their qualifications by training, and also educating themselves in order to acquire and broaden specialised knowledge.

GTX Hanex Plastic has:
  • a Food Safety and Quality Management System introduced and certified according to the BRC/IoP standard, version IV
  • a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system
  • a GMP system, ensuring the high quality and purity of raw materials used and components of the finished product
  • a GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) system
  • a minimum of 2 levels of control of finished products
  • an excellently trained team with over a decade of experience in the PET film, bottle and preform industry
  • control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • ran extensive SPC programme
  • inspection and measurement equipment, regularly legalised and calibrated

In order to meet our customers’ requirements, as well as monitoring and corrective actions, we aim to neutralise any problems which occur by taking preventive action. We educate employees of all departments in areas specific to the company, we organise training (both internal and external). We also eliminate unnecessary barriers between departments, making use of the same good, valuable information flow between our employees. This brings results.

We try to ensure that the goals we set meet our customers’ requirements one hundred per cent. With this in mind, we apply universal and specialised quality control tools.

Each day, we make every effort to ensure that the Quality Assurance Department guarantees a better product and high level of customer satisfaction.